Board Certification Toxicologic Pathologists in The Netherlands

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Datum geplaatst: 4 juli 2022
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Since 1985 Prof Dr. Ruitenberg developed 4-years curriculum in order to harmonize international education requirements, recognition and registration of this profession. The commission registration laboratory animal pathologists was then established. In 1990 this initiative was further expanded by Prof. Dr. J Vos in 1990 in cooperation with the former committee members. Currently the education has two directions, with the final purpose registration as laboratory Animal Pathologist (consider pathology reseach in animal models of human deseases), or Toxicologic Pathologist. The education curriculum for Toxicologic Pathologists is internationally considered to be one of the better educations for the profession (Version Curriculum1996: “Regulations on Education and Registration/Training programme, Committee for the registration of laboratory Animal/Toxicological Pathologists (CRP/TP) in The Netherlands”).

Currently, every 5 years the Committee for the registration of laboratory Animal/Toxicological Pathologists (CRP/TP) checks the registration status of all Board Certified Pathologists for re-registration. Re-registration will occur every 5 years and will be approved if the Toxicologic Pathologist has remained active in the field during these 5 years. Requirements for approval besides the daily activities within the field (can also include management activity in the pathology field) are courses, post-academic education, slide seminars, congresses and other meetings, publications or presentations.

Dr. R.J.M.M. Thoolen was Board Certified since 1993. On June 15th, 2022 he received his re-registration as Toxicologic Pathologist for the next 5 years.