Global Pathology Support “Up to par” with Pathology Provantis 11.0.1 System and Evaluation of Whole Slide Image (W.S.I.’s) according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP-Compliant)

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Datum geplaatst: 1 september 2023
Leestijd: 1 minute

Recently, Global Pathology Support (GPS) has successfully finished the validation of Provantis 11.0.1 in order to deliver the best service to our clients. This validation was performed with the professional help of the US and UK INSTEM people in line with the requirements set by GPS .

In addition, we now also evaluate Whole Slide Images from preclinical toxicity studies according to Good Laboratory Practice and in line with most recent FDA requirements. Next to conventional histopathology evaluation, we offer this service, for 1-month rodent/non rodent studies, 3-month MTD studies, Carcinogenicity studies, and others.

Moreover, pathology of “Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Studies (OECD 443)” , including (semi-quantitative) pathology of the reproductive tract and neuropathology, were successfully evaluated in a GLP-Compliant manner.

Histopathology evaluation of digital scans (W.S.I.’s) by the Pathologist (Digital Pathology) is possible following upload of scans (Whole Slide Images) to the “GPS Slide-Suite”. Upload has proven to take about 2 min/slide from either USA, China, or any EU country!

This fully validated method, complies with the GLP-guidelines and is an efficient way, without slide transport, of evaluating slides from preclinical toxicity studies also using the multi-site concept.